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Eric Bischoff Responds To Vintage Modelling Shots Of Himself From 1982

Eric Bischoff

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has shared some incredible photos of him and his wife Loree from their modelling days forty years ago.

Bischoff has had no end of jobs during his wrestling career which began in Verne Gagne’s AWA. Eric Bischoff worked as an announcer in that company before taking up the same role with WCW. This led to Bischoff ultimately becoming the boss of the company, helping revolutionise the wrestling business by taking the fight to Vince McMahon and his World Wrestling Federation.

When the Monday Night Wars ended with McMahon purchasing WCW in 2001, Bischoff eventually went to work with his former rival, being named as the General Manager of Raw. When Bischoff’s time in the company came to an end he then went on to work with TNA alongside long-time friend Hulk Hogan.

Eric Bischoff’s last full-time role in the wrestling business was short-lived as he briefly worked as Executive Director of SmackDown for WWE for a few months in 2019.

Now images of Eric Bischoff’s days as a model have come to light again as a fan shared the image of Bischoff alongside his wife Loree on social media.

Eric Bischoff has also appeared on a handful of occasions on AEW television and hosts his 83 Weeks podcast as part of Conrad Thompson’s AdFreeShows empire.