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Eric Bischoff Says William Regal “Went Too Far” In Match With Goldberg

Goldberg William Regal

Eric Bischoff has discussed the controversial match that took place on WCW Nitro between WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg and NXT General Manager William Regal.

The bout in question took place on the 9th of February 1998 edition of Nitro. Goldberg was in the middle of his unprecedented undefeated streak and was regularly beating opponents in a matter of seconds. However, this match with Regal stands out as the Englishman employed more wrestling holds and moves than Goldberg had been accustomed to.

Over the years, the match that Goldberg won in just over five minutes has been the cause of much conversation. Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, the man who ran WCW at the time Eric Bischoff has given his take on the match. When co-host Conrad Thompson asked Bischoff if he felt that Regal had taken liberties in the ring with Goldberg, Bischoff was clear.

Bischoff stated:

“I do. I think, well the answer is both [the match was supposed to be a squash yet competitive]. Goldberg needed to dominate that match, he needed to be the Bill Goldberg character that people were so strongly behind. There was no reason at that point in Bill’s character trajectory to have him stumble and trip over a kerb. Or diminish in any way the perception of how powerful a character Goldberg was.”

“But at the same time, I was hoping that we would have seen a little bit out of Regal that would have appeared – at least to the audience – that Regal was throwing some stuff at Goldberg that Goldberg didn’t expect. Because Regal has a different wrestling style. Regal is capable of having that British classic, Billy Robinson type match and maybe show some of that skill set in a way that would’ve been really different from the opponents that Bill had dominated previously. So we were hoping to see a little of that but it was going to end up the same result.”

In Bischoff’s opinion Regal had gone too far and pushed past what the WCW President was expecting:

“Personally, I’ve never talked to Bill or Regal about this so I don’t know what their individual perspectives are. And they were the two that were involved so it’s really their opinions that are the only ones that matter. I’m telling you what my expectations and rationale behind the match was. But I think, in my opinion, with all due respect to Mr Regal, he went too far. He wanted more than we wanted him to take. It went a little farther than it should have.”

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