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Eric Bischoff Says “Monday Night Wars” May Be “Most Significant Era”

DX - Monday Night Wars

Eric Bischoff has opened up about how the Monday Night Wars may be the most significant era in wrestling, naming the one time that may oust it.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, the former WCW President would also open up about how the X-Pac’s RAW promo wouldn’t worry him, but did say he actually liked it because it made WWE vs WCW feel like a real war.

“I was still pretty cocky at that point and wasn’t too worried about too much. I mean, I was concerned, don’t get me wrong. But I kind of liked it because it was what made the Monday Night War era the Monday Night War. It felt like a real war. We weren’t just in the same time period on the same night. We were actually doing everything we could to undermine each other and to overpower each other.

Because of this, Bischoff says that era will be recognised as the “most significant era” – or at least second to Vince McMahon “raiding the territories” to take his company national.

“It’s one of the reasons I think the Monday Night War era will probably be recognized in the decades to come as the most significant era in professional wrestling possibly in our lifetime, maybe only second to WWE when Vince McMahon decided to raid all the territories and take his company national.

“That was without question the biggest pivot point in professional wrestling, but I think the extended era of the Monday Night War and everything that happened in it, probably changed professional wrestling more than almost anything ever to that point.”

Bischoff also opened up about the role of D-Generation X at that time, saying he believes X-Pac got the faction over more than Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

h/t 411mania.com