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Eric Bischoff Reveals Why SmackDown Executive Director Role Did Not Work Out

Eric Bischoff

Former Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff reflected on his brief run as Executive Director of SmackDown in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy.

Bischoff, who was employed as an on-screen talent by WWE between 2002 and 2005 explained that his 2019 return to WWE in a backstage capacity, did not offer him the level of control he had expected:

“There was not nearly the autonomy that I was hoping there would be. There wasn’t an open mind to new ways of doing things which, either I allowed myself to believe there would be or I was led to believe there would be, I’m not sure which is true even to this day.”

Bischoff continued:

“I would say it was probably me allowing myself to believe something that wasn’t true more than being misled, I’ll take responsibility for that. But I think there was there was a little bit of that.”

The former WCW Executive Producer, who masterminded the revolutionary New World Order faction, that turned WCW into the number one wrestling promotion in the United States, was not afforded the same creative freedom in WWE, two decades later.

Bischoff admitted he had allowed himself to believe his role would coincide with a new creative approach in WWE. That turned out not to be the case:

“There really wasn’t a new approach. It was the same approach with different people and it just didn’t fit real well.”


The 65-year-old spent just four months in his role as head of SmackDown creative, between June and October 2019. However, Bischoff explained that he held no ill will regarding the brevity of his second WWE stint:

“I enjoyed my time in WWE. There was nothing personal about it. I’m not really familiar with dating apps but I can only imagine that some people that use them they look at a profile and go, ‘Wow they’re going to be perfect for me, let’s go out.’ Then they go out to dinner and within 20 minutes, they can’t wait to get home because the chemistry just isn’t there, the expectation and the chemistry kind of disconnect somewhere.”

Bischoff concluded:

“So I think that was the case. It was more of a chemistry issue than it was anything else.”

Since leaving WWE, Eric Bischoff has continued to produce his podcast, 83 Weeks and has made several guest spots in AEW.

You can read the full interview here.