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Eric Bischoff Reveals Why No Superstar Will Ever Be Bigger Than WWE

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has revealed who he thinks could be the next marquee names in wrestling and ambassadors for the entire industry.

The former WCW President was in conversation with Lucha Libre Online when he discussed which names in wrestling he thinks can be the next ambassadors for the business.

Bischoff said:

“I think there’s quite a few. I think certainly Drew McIntyre falls into that category. Roman Reigns without a doubt falls into that category. I’ve always been a very strong supporter of Dolph Ziggler as an example. Cody Rhodes is certainly a very articulate individual that presents the industry in a very positive way. He could probably feel comfortable in a boardroom, a corporate environment, or in a locker room. So I think Cody is probably one of the younger talents out there now that can certainly grow into that position. In fact, he’s already in that position. So I think he’s going to continue to grow in the position that he’s in.”

Eric Bischoff would continue the conversation stating that he believes although competitors may have the talent to get to the very top of the industry, one company’s business model, in particular, might hinder them:

“But it’s not about if the talent has the ability. It’s whether or not the company is going to give them that ability or that opportunity. In my opinion and this is going to sound like I’m being critical and I’m really not, it’s my opinion that WWE made a decision a long time ago that no talent is going to become a bigger star than the company itself. Meaning no name is going to be more valuable to the wrestling audience than the WWE name or the WWE brand.”

The former WCW President went on to point out the influence of putting one person at the forefront of the company.

“You’ve had wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, for example. They built the entire company around you and when things didn’t go well. There were personal issues, and legal issues, and contractual issues, Steve took his ball home. That’s a very tough position to put the company into. So it wouldn’t surprise me that at some point, Vince McMahon made up his mind that he would never allow any one talent to become so powerful that he or she would put WWE in a secondary position.

Bischoff went on to say two men have the potential to be that kind of talent, but that the business model for WWE makes it unlikely.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why you see a lot of top talent. Drew McIntyre is a great example. Roman Reigns is another great example. Either one or both of them could be that talent. Could be ‘the face of the company’ as people like to refer to as. Do I think either one of them will get there? I don’t. Not because they don’t have the ability, but because I don’t think the business model for WWE wants it”.

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Credit: Lucha Libre Online