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Eric Bischoff Reveals What Drove Him “Batsh*t Crazy” Working In WWE

Eric Bischoff SmackDown

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has opened up about his return to WWE in 2019.

In June 2019 it was announced that Bischoff would be returning to WWE, working as the Executive Director of SmackDown.

However, the reunion between the two proved to be short-lived with the former WCW President leaving the company in October. Speaking since his departure, Eric Bischoff has said that he struggled to adapt to working for WWE, also revealing that he was working without a contract during that period.

On the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, available via Ad Free Shows, Eric Bischoff described his typical day while working with WWE. Bischoff explained that much of time was spent meeting with the writing team, and preparing for WWE’s upcoming partnership with Fox.

Expanding further, Bischoff opened up about what drove him “batsh*t crazy” during his most recent stint with the company.

“Most of if for me was preparing for or meeting with Vince [McMahon]. This is the part that drove me batsh*t crazy, you know, I’ve talked about not being able to adapt and this is probably one of the things I really didn’t adapt well to. I don’t like sitting around waiting, I just don’t, It drives me batsh*t crazy, it’s a waste of my time, I get bored with myself. The mental energy that gets created in my head when I’m sitting around doing nothing isn’t healthy.”

“I spent, and it wasn’t just me, it was me, Paul [Heyman] and Bruce [Prichard] and half a dozen other people, as we’re preparing all day for this meeting that we have with Vince at six o’clock or eight o’clock, inevitably you’d get that call, ‘well Vince is running late.’ ‘Ok, cool I’ll wait.’ ‘He should be ready by eight.’ ‘Great, we’ve got work to do, we’ll keep ourselves busy, we can stay productive.'”

“Then we all get ready at quarter to eight and Vince isn’t ready yet. ‘Ok, we’re all still here let us know.'”

“Honey… I know it’s midnight, I know I said I’d be home, but I’m about to go into this meeting with Vince.'”

The former RAW General Manager continued, detailing how meetings were regularly pushed back, leading to a lot of waiting around with people unable to continue working until they received the ‘ok from Vince.’

“There were often times that a six o’clock scheduled meeting with Vince, or an eight o’clock scheduled meeting with Vince, didn’t start till midnight. It’s the way it was, that’s the culture, and I along with a lot of other people spent a lot more time waiting… It’s hard to be productive and go off in a direction if you haven’t gotten the approval you need, or the buy in that you need along the way. You get to a point where, what else can we do until we know if this plan is approved or not.”

“There was a lot of sitting around and waiting. I’d say my days were really productive from about ten o’clock in the morning till five o’clock in the afternoon until I was waiting for Vince.”

Bischoff went on to add that the culture within WWE meant that he was never really away from his job. Although this was something he was aware of going in, he explains how he still found it difficult, and ended up resenting how things ran.

“On the weekends you’re on call. You’re working your ass off. So there wasn’t a lot of downtime. For me personally, and this is the part I had a hard time adjusting to… You know going in, I had no issue, don’t be surprised if you get a phone call at three o’clock in the morning and Vince has a question. I don’t mind that. Typically, I don’t mind. But often times for me, what wore me down, wasn’t the call at three o’clock in the morning, it was knowing that I have to be prepared for a call at three o’clock in the morning. Meaning you’re never really away from anything. I took my phone to bed with me for crying out loud. That’s the part that really got to me.”

“I’m not blaming Vince McMahon or WWE, that’s their culture, that’s their process and my job was to adapt to it and succeed in it, and I failed at that.”

“Once I started resenting that, and that’s the truth, I resented it.”

Bischoff closed by saying that he believes that time is a special commodity, and so sitting around and waiting for hours at a time felt like a waste, describing it as “disrespectful.”

Speaking on an earlier edition of his podcast, Bischoff said that he’d never return to the company, commenting that it “ain’t f***ing happening.”

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