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Eric Bischoff Reveals Surprising Favourite On-Screen Moment

Eric Bischoff

The following story was told at an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, which we have unearthed as we bring unseen archive footage into the spotlight for the first time.

At an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, Eric Bischoff revealed which moment he looks back at with the most fondness across his wrestling career.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh at a live show, Bischoff revealed how Chuck and Billy’s wedding, where he was shockingly unmasked as the wedding official, is the moment he had the most fun with.

“As a character, I had the most fun really in WWE. The things that stand out in my mind… At the very top of the list, I have to say it with all due respect to all the guys that I got a chance to work with – and women – Chuck and Billy’s wedding.

The wedding, which took place in September 2002, saw Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn prepare to tie the knot as “life partners” on SmackDown. During the commitment ceremony, The pair would reveal that the ceremony was merely a publicity stunt that had gone too far, with an elderly officiate removing prosthetics from his face and revealing his identity as Eric Bischoff.

The former RAW General Manager said he often gets sent highlights from his own career often, but the thing he enjoyed the most was indeed that wedding.

With Twitter and Facebook and things, people send you stuff all the time. ‘You remember this?’ I look at some things like, ‘Oh, I don’t remember doing that, that is fun and that’s good.’ But the thing to this day, if someone sends it to me, I’ll look at it and it makes me smile, is that Chuck and Billy wedding, pulling that a mask off and all that, that was a blast.

Bischoff would also name working with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in second place, calling it the most satisfying. Bischoff took on The Texas Rattlesnake at No Way Out in 2003, eating three Stunners before being left staring at the lights.

Working with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s probably the second most fun thing that I’ve ever done, and satisfying, for a lot of reasons. That moment being in Montreal, that pay-per-view and being in the ring with Steve, under the circumstances that led up to it and everything, I’m I’m probably more proud of that than anything else, but the Chuck and Billy thing was more fun.”

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