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Eric Bischoff Recalls The Creation Of The Legendary NWO Logo

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Eric Bischoff has lifted the lid on the creation of one of the most iconic logos in the history of professional wrestling.

When Scott Hall appeared on Monday Nitro on May 27th 1996, it set into motion a story and chain of events which would change the wrestling business forever. Hall was joined by Kevin Nash on June 10th, before the duo became a trio at Bash At the Beach with the addition of Hulk Hogan. The New World Order of professional wrestling was no complete.

The boxed-in, black and white nWo logo which followed is known the world over and remains as recognisable now as it was 25 years ago when it was first shown to the world. The logo has formed the backbone for nWo merchandise for many years, which remains as popular as ever.

In fact, during a recent appearance on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall revealed that he’s still making “six-figures” from WWE merchandise sales.

On the most recent episode of the podcast, available via Ad Free Shows, Kevin Nash made a guest appearance to discuss all things nWo. During the conversation, Nash and Bischoff recalled how the iconic logo came to life.

Kevin Nash: “Didn’t Craig?”

Eric Bischoff: “Craig Leathers was a director and he actually worked — If you remember, Kevin, we were at the Disney/MGM Studios filming during that period of time because Atlanta was all things Olympics. We had the general idea, the feel for the nWo, and Craig Leathers went over to the design studio at Disney/MGM Studios — We sat down and said, ‘Okay, here’s what these guys represent. Here’s their attitude. Here’s all this.’ Gave them all the parameters and they came back with about six or eight, maybe ten different ideas and one of those ideas was the nWo logo as we know it today. So, as much as I’d like to take credit for it or give credit to Craig Leathers, it was actually somebody at Disney/MGM Studios that came up with that.”

Kevin Nash: “Imagine somebody from Disney coming up with an idea.”

During the conversation Nash also revealed which legendary WWE Superstar he attempted to bring to WCW to join the black and white revolution. The former WCW World Champion explained that he knew his friend Shawn Michaels would never make the jump, so instead he focused his attention on trying to lure the Undertaker away from WWE.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.