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Eric Bischoff Recalls Kissing Stephanie McMahon In Front Of Vince

Stephanie and Vince McMahon

The following story was told at an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, which we have unearthed as we bring unseen archive footage into the spotlight for the first time.

At an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, Eric Bischoff recalled kissing Stephanie McMahon in front of her father Vince.

Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh would ask the former WCW president what the weirdest thing Vince McMahon produced him to do was, adding the suggestions of making out with Stephanie McMahon, forcing himself on Linda McMahon, or taking a Bronco Buster from Mae Young.

“Actually, taking the Bronco Buster was the least weird one, believe it or not – because remember, at that time, Vince McMahon himself wrote a storyline that he was part of where he pissed his pants on national television. To me, that’s a little weird. If somebody would have asked me to do that, I would have kind of felt taken aback.”

Bischoff went on to say that Stephanie also took a stinkface from Rikishi and that Vince McMahon himself and his own family would happily embarrass themselves for the audience, but would talk about his experiences with Stephanie and Linda McMahon.

“I’ve got to tell you, making out with Stephanie – in front of her dad – because he was producing it, he was standing like ten feet away and I’m bending her over a desk, swapping spit, that was different.

The former WCW President also spoke of how “f***ed up” it was going to the McMahon residence to break into their house and force himself on Linda McMahon.

“Going to the McMahons’ house… They actually flew me in to Connecticut so that I could creatively break into the house and force myself on Vince McMahon’s wife while he’s standing right there next to me. That was just fundamentally kind of f***ed up in my head. But I didn’t take it personally.”

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