Eric Bischoff Recalls Hilarious Story Involving Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman Thumb

Apart from being a key member of two of the most legendary teams in NBA history, Dennis Rodman might just be the most unique, charismatic and eccentric sportsman in history.

The five-time NBA Champion rose to prominence as part of the ‘Bad Boy’ Detroit Pistons in the mid to late 1980’s before finding even more success alongside Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls a decade later. His defiance and eccentric appearance made him one of the most recognisable NBA stars in the world, while his personal life made him a tabloid sensation.

At the height of his stardom, Rodman would sign for WCW making a series of appearances and competing in the ring between 1997 and 1999.

Eric Bischoff was the man who took Dennis Rodman to WCW, and recalled a hilarious story involving a newly signed Rodman on a recent episode of his podcast 83 Weeks. Bischoff described having to round up Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart and Rodman among others after a night of partying for an appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

“So the five of us went into New York the night before, and obviously Dennis, and let’s just say we went out, a couple of us, Hulk and Rodman in particular, partied fairly hard.” Bischoff added that Carmen Electra who was dating Rodman at the time was also present. “So we were out all night, so it was like three or four, three o’clock in the morning I think, and I had to tap out. Believe it or not I could kind of keep up with Hulk. I could not keep up with Dennis. It was beginning to become just stupid. So about three o’clock in the morning I took off, not sure if Hulk left with me or not, I don’t remember, for obvious reasons.”

The former WCW President went on to explain how early the next morning when everyone was up, Rodman was nowhere to be found, that is until he went into his hotel room and was greeted with what he described as “an eyeful.”

“We had to be over at Stern’s for like seven. So I got up early, starting to sober up as best I could and get myself presentable. And I wake up Jimmy, and i’ve got to get Hulk moving.

So everyone meets in my suite and we’re all waiting for Dennis. Evidently Dwight [Rodman’s manager] went over and knocked on Dennis’ door and heard Dennis mumble something, assumed he was getting ready and he wasn’t. So we’re waiting around, waiting for Dennis, called Dennis’ room, nothing. Dwight goes back and knocks on the door, nothing. We’re getting a little nervous about it, so I go knock on his door, and Dwight says ‘here take a key to his room…’ so I go in and I can hear motion back in one of the bedrooms… ‘Dennis! Dennis! Let’s go it’s getting late.’ I hear something mumble again, so I open the door, and Dennis is just pounding Carmen Electra, and i’m going ‘Woah..’ I kind of cracked the door open a little bit, ‘Dennis! Dennis! It’s time to go Dennis!’ as I push the door open wider, and whoa! I got an eyeful so to speak!”

Dennis Rodman would eventually marry Electra, although the marriage would end in divorce in 1999. The man nicknamed ‘The Worm’ would enjoy a somewhat nomadic end to his basketball career, and in retirement is known as one of the greatest defensive players in the history of the modern game.

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