Eric Bischoff On WWE And AEW’s Areas Of Improvement

Eric Bischoff Thumb

Former General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Eric Bischoff, has spoken out about what WWE and AEW can do in order to freshen up their product and change the business.

The question of what both promotions can do in order to truly change the face of the industry has been on many lips since the Jacksonville business burst into life. Both names have come under fire for how they’ve handled parts of their television product with fans pitching ideas as to how the weakest parts of both products can be improved.

Now, Eric Bischoff has sat down on a special edition of his 83 Weeks Podcast labelled ‘Ask Eric’, in which fans sent in questions for the former WCW Executive Vice President to answer. One of those questions posed were what was needed in order for WWE and AEW to improve and take a step forward:

“What WWE and AEW need to do, and they already know this, I do think the stories and the storytelling and the way wrestling is being presented currently can improve quite a bit as a means to attract a more mature audience. One of the mistakes people make, you assume wrestling fans are one type of fan. We sometimes assume that everything everyone wants to see in wrestling is what we’ve been doing, it’s not the case. [Fans] are looking for something fresh.

Just like dramatic series do, sitcoms do, movies do, music does, books do. They have to evolve in order to keep the imagination of the people that you’re targeting. Whether its USA Network or TNT or Access, any network is going to be proud and excited about content and storytelling that grow that audience, by continuing to make it more interesting.”

Eric Bischoff recently spoke about the value of championships in professional wrestling and what the industry can do in order to make people care about them once again, the creation of the NWO and how Sting originally agreed to be the third man.

Credit for the interview: 83 Weeks Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.