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Eric Bischoff On Why Cole And Graves Are A Good Commentary Team


On his ‘83 Weeks podcast‘, Eric Bischoff explained why he thinks the commentary duo of Corey Graves and Michael Cole was the right choice for the show.

The WCW & WWE figurehead Eric Bischoff returned to WWE as the executive director of WWE SmackDown in 2019. Just 5 months later his stay was over, however the short experience backstage still allowed him to learn about the current ‘version’ of the company he once appeared for.

Speaking to co-host Conrad Thompson, Bischoff gives high praise for the Smackdown commentary team, and explains why he thinks both Corey and Cole are a great fit for one another.

You know, Michael Cole, I don’t know, I can’t say enough about him. You know, to survive 23 years in that chair with those headsets on, in that environment, he has to be one of the toughest, mentally and emotionally toughest people that any of us know.

Corey, very cool cat. Very different, has his own way about him. He’s got a vibe and an approach to the business that I really love, and I think it makes him unique. But think about that. Think about how much wrestling, how many stories, think about what Corey Graves in particular had to do every week. Unless you’ve done that job, even if you’ve done that job, it’s hard to imagine.

Corey’s an amazingly talented guy. Corey is, I think, an exceptional talent, and so is Michael Cole. They’re two different approaches, which…to me, that makes it work, when you have contrasting personalities.

If you looked at Corey, and you looked at Michael Cole you would think that they would not have a lot in common, although they do, but I think it’s that contrast that makes things work [for them].

Following the 2016 WWE draft, it was announced that Graves would be joining the Raw commentary team, and since, he has never looked back – providing commentary on everything from 205 Live, to RAW, SmackDown and PPV events.

Michael Cole has been with the WWE since 1997, and made his first appearance on screen at the June 30, 1997 episode of ‘Raw is War’, interviewing The Legion of Doom.