Eric Bischoff On Why Big E Is A “Special” Kind Of Performer

Big E

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has praised WWE Champion Big E, saying his positivity makes him one of “those special people”.

Big E shocked the wrestling world when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Bobby Lashley on Raw to capture the WWE Championship for the first time in his career. Since then, many of his peers in WWE and across other promotions have congratulated the ‘Alpha Unicorn’ on his big win.

On his ’83 Weeks’ podcast, Bischoff explained that Big E’s power of positivity means that people “want to be around him”.

“There are those special people, of which I think Big E is one, that when they walk in the room, the energy is so positive that you forget how big he is. Big E is one of those cats that when he walks into the room, the energy is so positive that you want to be around him. You just do. He’s just got it, and I’m happy for him.”

The former Raw General Manager went on to discuss the difficulties he believes stars like Big E would have to face on his way to the top.

“When you see somebody who has come up, you can only imagine. We all have a pretty good idea how tough it is to make it to the top in WWE, but what we don’t know is the frustration and self doubt. The anxiety all along the way. We only see what we see on television and we only know about the character or person who plays a character based on what we read in their social media. We don’t drive around with them and hear them as their coming up, and being frustrated, and convincing themselves, or having others convince them. We’ve all heard support from parents, teachers, coaches and friends, but it’s tough. Life on the road is incredibly tough. So to see a guy with all of that charisma and all the physical talent – but to see a guy that’s come up from the bottom and worked his way through that process, which we all know and hear about from people that go through it how frustrating and grueling it is.”

Looking back to his time as an executive in WWE, Bischoff spoke about the difficulties WWE Superstars have in getting to see WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to pitch their ideas. He thinks that Big E “probably went through a lot of that”, but he stuck with it and reached the top.

“When I was in WWE, one of the things that amazed me during my last run as an executive was the people that would lineup outside of Vince’s office on TV day,” Bischoff said. “It wasn’t just that the line was long, but they would be there for hours waiting for that opportunity to get in and get five minutes with Vince. Often they didn’t get a chance to, and you’d see them walk away. And why even try? I’m sure Big E probably went through a lot of that, but he stuck to it and he stayed positive and he kept doing the work. Whether you’re friends with Big E or a fan of Big E, seeing someone succeed that has had to go through what you know is such a grueling journey to the top, that makes me more excited than anything. I’m really excited for him.”

Bischoff also believes that positivity is something that will make Big E a leader.

“Big E will be a leader, he will be an example because he stayed positive and because he kept doing the work. He didn’t let a lot of the obvious things that everybody has to go through, some more than others, he didn’t let it slow him down or get in his way. He conquered that, he conquered the hardest thing that will ever get in his way in the wrestling business which is the journey to the top. There’s nothing harder than that. The rest of it is easy compared. Good for him, kudos, my man.”

Eric Bischoff also recently praised AEW star MJF, who he sees as being “on a different level”.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.