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Eric Bischoff On Tony Khan Over-Hyping Surprises in AEW

Eric Bischoff makes his entrance.

On the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff has given his thoughts on Tony Khan hyping up surprises in AEW.

Last week Khan took to Twitter prior to AEW Dynamite promising a major surprise that would shift the balance of power in wrestling. That surprise it turned out was the return of PAC after 8 months away from the ring. And while fan’s welcomed PAC’s return, there was also a feeling that the return was a little underwhelming after being given such a big build-up.

Following much conjecture online, Eric Bischoff has now offered his take on the situation. He believes the AEW President Tony Khan would be better served to let surprises pay off organically rather than over-promoting them.

“Don’t set your expectations so high for surprises! Because even if you deliver, people are let down. And oh my god, if you fail to deliver even just a little bit, it goes the other way on you. If you have a surprise, just let it be a f***ing surprise! Don’t promote the surprise! Don’t raise the expectations to the surprise – just let it be a frickin’ surprise, will you!”

He went on to say that while Khan is doing a lot right with AEW, he got this one wrong.

“Yes, Tony, for crying out loud, you’re doing everything else right… Come on, come on. Don’t make such a big deal out of a surprise that even when you reveal the surprise, it doesn’t matter anymore.

And conversely, yes, if you under-promote, if you don’t create so much build up and just deliver the surprise, even if it’s not quite as big of a surprise as you’d like to have, it will mean more anyway. It’s added value – its bonus you didn’t promote it. You’re just over-delivering on something that no one expected. That’s what a surprise is supposed to do!”

Elsewhere in the episode, Bischoff took aim at needless backstage interviews, the lack of managers in wrestling and his dislike of Lex Luger when they first worked together in the early ’90s.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.