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Eric Bischoff On The Current Wrestling Product – “I’m Generally Disappointed”

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Speaking to Inside the Ropes’ Liam Alexander-Stewart, Eric Bischoff revealed that when it comes to the current wrestling product he is “just not interested” in what he sees right now.

During a recent Ad-Free Shows Q&A event, Inside the Ropes had the opportunity to speak with Detroit’s own Eric Bischoff about his views on the current wrestling product and who stands out to him as a future star within the industry.

Responding to a question from Liam Alexander-Stewart, regarding how he feels about the development of younger talent in wrestling and who stands out to him as a performer that transcends their age to comfortably operate at the main event level, Eric Bischoff would respond stating that he was unable to give an educated name as he simply doesn’t watch enough of the current product.

“Oh, you know, I would be disingenuous if I just pulled names out of here off the top of my head at this point because I don’t. The truth is I don’t watch enough of the product to have a feel anymore. “

Bischoff would continue on this point, expanding on why he doesn’t consume a lot of the current product before going on to name which one ‘younger’ talent does in fact stand out to him.

“I’m just not interested in what I see right now and I do drop in, I don’t want to suggest that I never watch it. I do watch it hoping something’s going to catch my imagination. Y

You know, I, you know, I read, you know, Inside The Ropes, I follow you guys, as well as others, to try to get a feel for what might be going on. And if there’s something that piques my interest, I’ll tune in, and I’ll check it out.

But more often than not, I’m generally disappointed.”

Continuing, Bischoff would expand naming, WWE RAW Superstar, Matt Riddle as one ‘younger’ performer he believes is doing fantastic work at current before heavily praising ‘The Original Bro’s’ partnership with ‘The Viper’ Matt Riddle.

“As far as some of the younger talent or newer talent that are coming up who I think could be Main Event quality, I love Matt riddle. I, I just love him.”

‘Eazy E’ would continue, expanding on what he enjoys most about the Matt Riddle character and how it stands out to him amidst everything else on television at current:

“Not only do I like his character, because this character, isn’t that unique. I mean, he, he does that character uniquely well, but we’ve seen that type of character in other forms of entertainment. So what’s that like something we’ve never seen before? He’s got that what was that character from that movie? It was kind of like a, it was kind of like a burned-out skateboarder.

But we’ve seen that type of character and other forms of entertainment. Matt does it so well. That’s what makes it unique is he does it so well and it’s so believable.”

Finally, the mind behind WCW would discuss Riddle’s pairing with Orton and how he believes it is the best scenario for both performers and can help elevate Riddle whilst keeping Orton fresh and interesting to existing viewers:

‘I think the pairing of Matt riddle and Randy Orton is probably the best example of a great way to use an established talent as I don’t think there’s anybody in the industry today. That would not agree with the fact that Randy Orton is one of the best performers of his era, and still is at the top of his game. And to and to have Randy Orton has been around for whatever it’s been 17, 18 or 20 years I don’t even know how long paired up with a guy like Matt Riddle, and elevate Matt in the process is the absolute perfect way to use establish older talent with a younger talent so that both of them benefit Randy’s got a new lease of life as a character, not as a performer. You know, Matt riddle isn’t making Orton a better performer, Randy Orton is already at the top of his game, but as a character, this is like a whole new lease on life for Randy, the combination of Matt Riddle and Randy Orton, to me is like a really cool, you know, what he kept moving?’

To conclude his thoughts, Eric Bischoff would summarise his views on the partnership stating that it is the use of both performers:

“I mean, it’s perfect casting.”

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