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Eric Bischoff On Attitude Era – “They Embarrassed Everybody”

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The following story was told at an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, which we have unearthed as we bring unseen archive footage into the spotlight for the first time.

At an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, Eric Bischoff discussed how he had no problem with many of the bizarre storylines he was thrust into – as that’s simply what WWE’s formula was at the time.

Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh would ask the former WCW President what the weirdest thing Vince McMahon produced him to do was, adding the suggestions of making out with Stephanie McMahon, forcing himself on Linda McMahon, or taking a Bronco Buster from Mae Young. Bischoff would open up about how the latter actually was the least weird – before revealing that he had no problems doing any of those, as Vince McMahon – and many others – would happily embarrass themselves on television.

“Actually, taking the Bronco Buster was the least weird one, believe it or not, because remember, at that time, Vince McMahon himself wrote a storyline that he was part of where he pissed his pants on national television. To me, that’s a little weird. If somebody would have asked me to do that, I would have kind of felt taken aback. Stephanie McMahon took a Stinkface from Rikishi. Half the roster kissed Vince McMahon’s ass in the centre of the ring on national television.

Bischoff went on to say the embarrassment was non-discriminatory.

“So, when you step back and you look at it, you realise that the formula at that time was kind of nondiscretionary, they didn’t discriminate. They embarrassed everybody – because that was the thing that they felt worked for their audience, was to do outrageous, embarrassing things to everybody – including Vince McMahon himself, including what he asked his daughter to do, and his wife.”

The former WCW President did acknowledge that the narrative should point towards Vince McMahon seeking revenge, before stating that it just simply wasn’t true.

“So I didn’t take it personally, and I know that sounds odd because the narrative and everybody would assume, ‘Oh, Vince McMahon is just getting back at Eric Bischoff.’ That wasn’t true. When I’d get something like that – and they were kind enough, they would send me the script or format the night before for something I was involved in. And they wouldn’t ask my opinion necessarily, but they would generally give me a heads up, they wouldn’t just surprise me when I showed up at the building – and there were things I looked at and went, ‘Oh, it’s just… I don’t see it for my character.’ But I never took any of it personally. I didn’t feel that way.”

Eric Bischoff would go on to recall kissing Stephanie McMahon in front of Vince McMahon, and breaking into their family household to force himself on Linda McMahon.

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