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Eric Bischoff On Parallels Between Dexter Finale And WCW Storyline


Eric Bischoff has made the surprising comparison between the way one of the biggest storylines in WCW ended and the series finale of Dexter.

Dexter was a TV show starring Michael C. Hall as the eponymous character who was a forensic technician specialising in blood spatter analysis. However, he also hid the dark secret that he was a serial killer who followed a code given to him by his stepfather which led to him only targeting other killers.

The series became popular during its eight-season run, but the series finale was extremely divisive and left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths.

During an appearance on “Under the Ring”, former WCW President Eric Bischoff compared the way the nWo storyline ended to the way Dexter went out.

“As significant and industry-changing as the nWo storyline was, clearly it didn’t end the way I wanted it to end. Dexter was a phenomenal series, right? Everybody loved that episode, couldn’t wait to see the next episode, and the ending sucked. People were angry about the ending of the Dexter series, and, you know, the nWo is the wrestling version of Dexter if you will.”

The New World Order officially formed at WCW Bash at the Beach in 1996 when Hulk Hogan stunned fans by turning heel and joining The Outsiders – Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. From there, the group positioned itself as an opposing force to WCW and grew in both numbers and popularity for some time. The success of the group was reflected in the ratings as WCW Nitro went on a winning streak against WWE Monday Night Raw that lasted for 83 weeks.

However, as the WWE began to climb in the ratings and eventually overtake WCW, the nWo’s popularity also began to wane with many fans believing it had got too big and had become stale.

Several months after WWE purchased WCW in 2001, they decided to bring the original nWo trio into the company at 2002’s No Way Out. The group lasted for several months there and added the likes of Shawn Michaels and the Big Show to the group. However, it was not to last and the faction quietly disbanded that July.

The nWo – represented by Hogan, Hall, Nash, and Sean Waltman – was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2020.