Eric Bischoff On Disco Inferno – “He Drew A Line in the Sand, I Fired Him”

Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno was a staple of WCW from 1995 until the company’s closure in 2001. The Brooklyn, New York native won numerous championships throughout his stay with WCW, rubbed shoulders with NWO, and was also in the ring when Kevin Nash ended Goldberg’s 173 match winning streak at Starrcade 1998.

However, that’s not to say that his time WCW passed without incident. While Disco Inferno was presented as something of a comedic character, especially early on in his run, he didn’t always see eye-to-eye with WCW management.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff revealed that he fired Disco Inferno for refusing to lose to Jacqueline as part of a storyline. When asked about the incident, Bischoff explained that the matter was simple. Disco refused to lose so was promptly fired.

“There’s not a lot to talk about – he didn’t want to do it [lose to Jacqueline]. He drew a line in the sand, that doesn’t usually work with me and I fired him. There’s nothing more to it than that – there’s no more drama to it than that behind the scenes. Y’know looking back now, Disco’s a good friend, a friend of the show. I love doing his show and Konnan’s show every once in a while when they call and ask. We all have a great relationship, I would hope at least Disco looks back at that and realises that that was probably a mistake on his part. Disco didn’t have a serious character; Disco was comedy relief. Disco was a heel, that thought he was somebody else all of the time – that was his character. So I didn’t quite understand why Disco couldn’t see the opportunity to go out there and have fun with it. It’s not like anyone took Disco Inferno seriously to begin with as a performer. I mean as a legitimate wrestler, they took him seriously as a character, he was a great character – he was funny, he was fun to watch. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why a comedic character couldn’t see the fun to be had and the business to be made by going out there and having a match with Jacqueline – it’s just incomprehensible to me.”

However, Disco Inferno wouldn’t be gone for long and did eventually wind up having a match against Jacqueline on pay-per-view. He would be defeated by the former WWE Women’s Champion at Halloween Havoc 97.

Earlier on in the episode Bischoff also recalled a hilarious story which involved catching former NBA star Dennis Rodman, in an intimate moment with then girlfriend Carmen Electra.

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