Eric Bischoff On CM Punk – “I Wouldn’t Sell My Soul For That Piece Of Garbage”

CM Punk

Before the dust had a chance to settle on the news that AEW was heading to the United Kingdom, rumours about a CM Punk appearance began to swirl.

This speculation went into overdrive with the news that AEW is making “tentative” plans for a comeback. On April 13th it was reported that the “wheels are in motion” regarding a return with AEW Dynamite in Chicago on June 21st looking a likely destination

Speaking on his Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff gave his thoughts on Punk potentially appearing at All In at Wembley Stadium. The former WCW boss stated that if he was Tony Khan he wouldn’t book Punk even if he was available. Bischoff explained that such a move would “make a statement.”

“I think Wembley’s gonna do great, with or without Punk. I would prefer, if I was Tony Khan, to do it without Punk. Because that makes a real statement, right? Who drew the house? Did AEW draw the house, or did CM Punk draw the house? … I would absolutely not book CM Punk on that show, even though I would know that doing so would ensure more sales. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t sell my soul to that piece of garbage.”

CM Punk To Head Up New AEW Saturday Show

Nestled into the report about CM Punk’s return to AEW was a suggestion that Tony Khan is looking to introduce a “soft roster split.” The idea is that AEW’s famously large roster will be spread over Dynamite on Wednesdays and a new yet-to-be-announced show on Saturdays.

This was followed by another report that stated that if Punk does indeed return, the plan is for him to be the main star of the new show.

CM Punk hasn’t been seen in AEW since his now infamous post-All Out media scrum rant which led to a fight backstage.

H/t to Wrestling Inc