Eric Bischoff On A WWE Return – “That Ain’t F*cking Happening”

Eric Bischoff Vince McMahon

Eric Bischoff says he will never return to WWE after his latest stint in the company as Executive Director of SmackDown came to an end in a matter of months.

Bischoff returned to WWE in 2019 as Executive Director of the blue brand ahead of SmackDown moving to Fox in October of that year. Bischoff’s previous full-time run in WWE ended in 2007 with him making sporadic appearances in the company on either side of his four-year stint in TNA.

However, the former President of WCW didn’t have a long stay in charge of SmackDown with news of Bischoff being replaced by Bruce Prichard coming on October 15th, 2019. Just four months after his return, and 11 days after SmackDown debuted on Fox, Bischoff was done once again with WWE.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff touched upon the subject of if he would ever return to WWE once again.

Bischoff stated:

“No, my ass will never find itself within kind of a permanent residence, or even an extended stay Marriott reservation in Stamford, Connecticut. So, that ain’t f*cking happening.”

Bischoff was responding to a question of which wrestling promoter he would pick to be their right-hand man. Hypothetically, Bischoff says Vince McMahon would be his choice, but the reality is that’s not likely to happen again.

Bischoff continued:

“But hypothetically, Vince [McMahon] is brilliant – in many ways, he’s not – but in some ways he really, really is. He’s such a unique individual. that challenge would be far more interesting to me than the challenge of trying to work with Bill Watts or Jerry Jarrett. That’s a different kind of challenge, one you have to level up, and the other you have to level down. No, I’d jump at that.”

“If that phone rang when we’re done with the show and that opportunity was presented to me I would be super grateful and super elegant and super polite and super convinced that I was not leaving my home. Now if we could do it virtually hell yeah, cool, but that ain’t real either.”

Eric Bischoff has also recently spoken out on the so-called wrestling war between WWE and AEW.

Credit: 83 Weeks

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