Eric Bischoff Offers His Thoughts On Cinematic Matches

Firefly Fun House Match

One of the more memorable and progressive things to come out of wrestling in 2020, was major companies embracing cinematic matches.

WWE heavily leaned into the concept, most notably with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, and the Boneyard Match at Wrestlemania 36 between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. While AEW produced the incredibly well received Stadium Stampede Match featuring one of the pioneers of the cinematic style matches, Matt Hardy.

However, some have said that these types of matches could be met with diminishing returns, if they are over-used and appear too frequently. In conversation with Sportskeeda’sRiju Dasgupta Eric Bischoff has agreed with this view, commenting that the matches will lose their value if they’re used too often.

“I don’t think it’s the future of the business; I think it’s a valuable component. I think it’s a special attraction. I think if it’s done too much, it will lose some of its value to the audience when everything becomes a cinematic style match; then it’s no longer special.”

Bischoff went on to explain that if cinematic matches are used in the right circumstances, and only once or twice a year, that they could prove valuable going forward.

“I think if the cinematic matches are presented as a special event, once a year, or twice a year, or in unique story-driven situations, I think it could become a very valuable part of the presentation. But I think to rely on that exclusively as a presentation would diminish their value.”

Elsewhere in the interview Bischoff touches on numerous subjects, declaring that if he and Vince McMahon would have had a fight he would have “kicked his ass” and that there will always be a place for older talent like Goldberg in wrestling.

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