Eric Bischoff Names Recent Match As One Of The Best In 20 Years

Eric Bischoff and Jonathan Coachman

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has hailed a recent match as one of the best in the business over the last twenty years.

The wrestling world was saddened to hear that WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes had suffered a torn pectoral tendon, an injury that would require surgery. They were also instantaneously amazed at the news that despite the injury Rhodes still fully intended to compete at Hell In A Cell against Seth Rollins.

With a deep bruise covering most of his chest and arm, fans winced as Rollins went on the attack inside the steel structure with a kendo stick and a weight belt. Despite the injury and the onslaught, Cody Rhodes was able to overcome the former WWE Champion for the third time in as many months with a vicious sledgehammer shot.

The match received a raucous reception from fans as well as critical acclaim as it received the vaunted five stars from Dave Meltzer.

Now speaking on his Strictly Business podcast [courtesy of] Eric Bischoff has shared his views on the epic encounter:

“I think as bad as his injury was, the fact that Cody went out and had, I don’t know where that match is going to end up in being the all-time great matches of at least the last 20-years, but it needs to be right up there in my opinion.”

“And for Cody to be able to do what he did, even though he’s going to be out for four to six months, whatever it is, people are already anticipating his comeback. There is so much potential there, it’s frightening.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.