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Eric Bischoff Names His “Most Underrated Performer” Of The Last 15 Years

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff is a man who has overseen the work of many, many performers from his work in WCW, WWE, IMPACT and even sporadic appearances in AEW, but the performer he thinks is “the most underrated” of the past 15 years may come as a surprise to some.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, the former WCW President has named Karen Jarrett, who performed on IMPACT Wrestling as the wife of real-life husband Jeff, in that position and praised her ability to “pull off anything” as a natural.

“Karen Angle – I’m saying it right now – or Karen Jarrett in this case, Karen Jarrett – the most underrated performer probably in the last 15 years. I mean she had the chops; she could pull off almost anything. She was a natural.”

While speaking about her performance at TNA Victory Road in 2011, Bischoff would claim Karen Jarrett – who was previously the wife of Kurt Angle – should have had a more significant and consistent role on television, pinpointing that particular performance as proof of her leaving her peers in the dust.

“It is a sin against the television universe that Karen Jarrett has not had, over the years, a more significant and consistent role on television because she leaves most performers in the dust – and you’ll see why when you watch this”

Interestingly, Karen Jarrett’s performance at Victory Road 2011 was somewhat of a cameo. Jarrett was involved at that time with her husband Jeff, involved in a honeymoon vignette where she was on a honeymoon with Jeff Jarrett that she said was more like a “family vacation” – saying “no more rides” while the pair are at a water-based theme park. During the segment, Jeff Jarrett says he knows what’s missing, and he misses “him” too – seemingly referencing Karen’s ex husband Kurt Angle before calling for a truce with the Olympic Gold Medallist on the following week’s television show.

Karen Jarrett – who previously said she didn’t want to “get wet” would then ask where the children were, before they run up to her and drench her. Jarrett then started screaming as a big wave of water soaked the whole family.

Bischoff would also discuss the infamous Jeff Hardy vs Sting match on the episode of 83 Weeks which focused entirely around Victory Road 2011.

Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast is available via AdFreeShows.

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