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Eric Bischoff – “It Took Hulk 10 Minutes Just To Get Out Of The Car”

Eric Bischoff Hulk Hogan

Eric Bischoff has detailed just how badly Hulk Hogan’s body had broken down during their time together in TNA before The Immortal One had the lion’s share of his 17 back surgeries.

Bischoff was discussing Hogan as part of his 83 Weeks podcast episode on TNA’s Sacrifice event from 2011. At that event, Sting defeated Rob Van Dam in the main event to retain his TNA World Title. However, co-host Conrad Thompson asked Bischoff if there had ever been plans around that time to have Hogan step into the ring against another legend of the business – Mick Foley.

The former WCW President explained why that couldn’t have happened:

“Hulk [Hogan] could barely – this was the beginning of a really dark period physically. Hulk had been in a lot of negative things, been involved with a lot of negatives, a lot going on in Hulk’s life with the divorce, and other issues that have nothing to do with wrestling. He was in a ton of pain, this was when the back was really really starting, before the 17 surgeries. I think he had a couple by then by 2011.”

“Often times I would fly into Tampa the night before, stay in a hotel, Hulk would swing by and pick me up or I would meet him at his house, and we would drive together to Orlando for the show. We would pull up to the sound stage at Disney, and it took Hulk ten minutes just to get out of the car, so there was no thought of matches at this time.”

Hogan did manage to compete for TNA a handful of times, with one of those matches coming in late 2011. The Hulkster faced Sting at Bound For Glory, coming to The Icon’s aid when Hogan’s teammates in Immortal attacked The Stinger after the match.

Eric Bischoff also gave his thoughts on Mickie James and her time at TNA. James defeated Madison Rayne to retain her Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice 2011.

Credit: 83 Weeks

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