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Eric Bischoff Claims He Inspired The Mr. McMahon Character, DX Was “A Derivative Of The nWo”

Eric Bischoff Vince McMahon

Eric Bischoff has claimed that the hated Mr. McMahon character was a copy of his own “evil boss” character that he portrayed in WCW more than a year prior.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks Podcast [available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com] the former WCW President discussed what he was most proud of from his time in the wrestling business and admits that a retelling of history in regards to WCW’s success used to annoy him:

“It used to bug me a little bit but I’m over it. It’s just another example of the things that WCW did first and did better that eventually, the WWE had to follow our pattern. Somebody asked me very recently what am I most proud of in regard to my career? That’s a hard question, but at the core of it, I would say it’s because I forced WWE and Vince McMahon to change the way that they did business.”

“Anybody that knows Vince McMahon or worked for Vince McMahon knows that’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Not only did I get Vince McMahon to sell and to react when everybody told me for so long ‘Vince will never sell anything, Vince will never acknowledge the competition, it’s not the way Vince McMahon does business.’”

“Well, it wasn’t the way Vince McMahon did business until I forced him to change and I’m proud of that because it made WWE a better place, a stronger company, a more successful product and the audience benefited as a result.”

Eric Bischoff went on to bring up the Mr. McMahon character played by Vince McMahon who waged a corporate war on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bischoff reminded listeners that he began playing an evil boss on WCW television more than a year prior to Mr. McMahon’s introduction when Bischoff joined the nWo. And for Bischoff, that’s not where the similarities ended:

“That’s why you saw Vince McMahon become the evil boss that I had done a year sooner, that’s why you saw DX in the Attitude Era that was nothing more than a derivative of the nWo. Forced him to go live every week, all of those things were things that I did and I was almost solely, in many respects, responsible for.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.