Eric Bischoff Has Revealed He Is A Fan Of Logan Paul In WWE

Logan Paul

Eric Bischoff has given his thoughts on the latest celebrity to find himself inside the squared circle, American YouTuber Logan Paul.

On the latest episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast, Bischoff explains why be believes Paul to be a good strategic move by WWE. Logan Paul can bring so many new eyes onto their product at such an important time in their calendar.

I like the Logan Paul angle!

Often times getting a celebrity to participate in your show –we saw it recently with Bad Bunny that I think that was overall pretty effective, at least from what I can see in terms of social media reaction and traffic and the velocity of it all.

I think that was a good strategic move, it will bring a fresh, a new set of eyes, that typically might not have even thought to experience WWE, to sample the product, and that’s what that kind of move is all about – getting a new audience, a new demographic, a new psychographic if you will, to go ‘hey I’m going to check this out’.

That’s what that’s for, that’s why you utilise influencers and celebrities, because celebrities are influencers in their own way.

But when we define influencers, we’re talking of primarily the social media influencers the youtubers of the world and the people who dominate Instagram and dominate Twitter and are generating millions and millions and millions of impressions a week, or in some cases a day.

Those are the people that really have the power to bring a whole new set of eyeballs to your product and I think Logan Paul’s a great choice, because he’s not only a major influencer, by the way do you know he’s into Pokémon [sic], collected Pokémon.

He’s not only a major influencer, he loves coming here and mixing it up. He’s an amateur wrestler, so he’s got the ground game, even as an amateur wrestler you got the fundamentals and the basics, and if you’re in shape and you’re athletic; you got a lot of advantages over other people.

With the recently announced WWE Hall of Famer giving Logan his blessing, what will the WWE Universe make of the controversial social media ‘Maverick’ when he steps out form behind the curtain at WrestleMania?

WWE have had some great success in recent years with non-wrestling celebrities getting involved – with this week the most important of the whole calendar for the WWE, they’re banking on another home-run appearance by Logan Paul after the successful feedback from SmackDown.

At WrestleMania 37, Sami Zayn will go one-on-one with Kevin Owens in a feud that has been bubbling for many years. Logan Paul is scheduled to appear as Sami Zayn’s guest on the night, but we’re yet to understand whose side Paul is truly on.