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Eric Bischoff Felt “Sadness For Jeff Hardy” After Victory Road 2011

Sting Jeff Hardy

Eric Bischoff has discussed the infamous TNA Victory Road 2011 main event between Sting and Jeff Hardy that had to be changed in the ring due to Hardy’s inability to compete.

The main event was set to be a No Disqualification Match for the TNA World Championship with Sting defending the title against Hardy. As Hardy made his entrance, his ability to compete looked in doubt with referee Brian Hebner signaling that Hardy was unable to compete. Bischoff would explain that Hardy was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed the entire show and the controversy that surrounds the main event.

Bischoff explained:

“The overwhelming fog that settled in backstage was disappointment for Sting, because I think everybody could kind of put themselves in his shoes. It was a horrible position for Sting to have been in at that stage of his career. At his level of stardom to subject someone like Sting to a situation like that was embarrassing and just underserved. I think it reflected a tremendous amount of lack of professionalism within the entire TNA organisation from top to bottom.”

“I think people were generally sad for Jeff. Despite the fact that he did something really very stupid and selfish. And every other adjective you can think of for something that’s bad. People like Jeff, people love Jeff, they have a lot of respect for Jeff. It was disappointment for Sting and sadness for Jeff. That was the overwhelming sense, nobody was second-guessing anything or blaming anybody or pointing fingers or any of that. It was just really sad more than anything.”

Eric Bischoff was an on-screen character at the time in TNA. He was forced to go to the ring and give instructions to Hardy and Sting on what to do. The match would end very quickly as Sting hit Hardy with his scorpion death drop before making a pin where he ensured Hardy’s shoulders stayed down for the three.

Jeff Hardy would take five months off from the promotion before returning in August 2011. On his return, Hardy apologised to the fans in an on-screen interview. Bischoff confirmed that he did the same to every wrestler in the locker room.

Credit: 83 Weeks