Eric Bischoff Doesn’t Believe Tony Khan Should Use Goldberg Or Mercedes Mone At AEW All In

Goldberg WWE

From the moment that AEW All In was announced back in April, a number of huge stars including Goldberg and Mercedes Mone were linked with appearances.

The huge UK show at Wembley Stadium also appears to feature CM Punk who is reportedly on his way back to AEW and is expected to make his comeback on June 17th.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff said that if he was AEW boss Tony Khan he would resist the temptation of bringing in Goldberg and Mone. Bischoff explained that it would be more satisfying to pull in a huge crowd without having to rely on performers from elsewhere.

The WWE Hall of Famer also said that he wouldn’t include Punk at the event either.

“I would want my brand, my story, my talent to be the reason that this event is successful,” Bischoff said. “I wouldn’t want the perception, or in this case maybe the reality, of having to rely on somebody who’s not a part of my company to help sell this house.”

“I wouldn’t even want Punk on the card,” Bischoff added. “If I’m Tony Khan, I want to be successful, I want to have a huge event, I want it to be successful, I want it to be critically successful, I want fans to have loved it, and I want to have done it without someone like CM Punk.

Certainly without someone like a Bill Goldberg or a Mercedes [Mone]. Nothing against them, because in the case of Bill Goldberg, I like Bill a lot, he’s a good dude, and if he does end up there, it’ll probably help quite a bit.

Same with Mercedes Mone, but I would want to be able to go over there and do it on my own, and know that my roster, my stories, my brand is what sold that event, not relying on somebody else.”

Goldberg Match Would Be A “Disaster”

Goldberg hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Roman Reigns back in February 2022. However, in recent weeks he has spoken about the possibility of a short retirement tour now that he is a free agent. This led to increased speculation that he could pop up in AEW. More specifically there have been rumours that he could step in the ring with Wardlow, something the TNT Champion has discussed himself.

However, reflecting on the speculation, Booker T stated that a match between the pair would be a “disaster.”

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