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Eric Bischoff Discusses WCW Cruiserweights Influencing Today’s Wrestling

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has discussed WCW’s cruiserweight style of wrestling and says it has laid the foundation for the dominant style of wrestling seen today.

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff was discussing WCW’s penultimate pay-per-view event ‘SuperBrawl Revenge’ on his 83 Weeks podcast.On that show, there would be a 6-man cruiserweight elimination match that was won by Shane Helms.The other participants in the match were Evan Karagias, Kaz Hayashi, Jamie Knoble, Shannon Moore, and Yun Yang.

Bischoff would praise the six men involved in the match, stating that their match was a result of their cruiserweight predecessors that WCW became known for in the mid-nineties.

Bischoff explains:

“Everybody in that ring, performing on that night was a result of the effort and time and vision that went into the cruiserweight division years before this.A lot of that talent was discovered by Chris Kanyon.Jimmy Yang [Yun Yang] one example, Jamie Knoble, another example.Kaz Hayashi was a result of the relationship with New Japan Wrestling and Sonny Oono – and yes, I’m taking credit for that.”

Commenting on how he sees this type of wrestling shaping what is shown today, Bischoff states:

“I really, really encourage people who love the current product whether it’s AEW or anywhere else, WWE.Go back and watch these guys.Do yourself a favour so you better understand where the current style of wrestling that so many people really enjoy.Look and see where it originated from; it didn’t originate in WWE, it didn’t start in AEW.It’s not me, I’m not patting myself on the back, go back and watch Kaz Hayashi.Go watch Jimmy Yang, go watch Jamie Knoble who is by far a better performer than I realised he was watching this back today.Go back and watch Shane Helms, go back and watch these guys put on a freaking clinic.”

Bischoff continues:

“They raised the bar of the super athletic, high-flying, fast-paced action that defined the cruiserweight division and exists in the industry today and is one of the reasons why wrestling has evolved and maintained the popularity that it has.These guys deserve the credit for it.It was a clinic.”

“When you look at the execution and timing, and by the way, there was psychology and story in this.It wasn’t just high-flying, guys doing great athletic stuff.It wasn’t just that, there was a great story in this match that included all the high-flying, fast-paced cruiserweight action that has defined this industry to this day.”

Finally, Bischoff would offer advice to fans of wrestling today:

“Check this match out and you’ll have a better understanding of why you enjoy what you enjoy today.And you can give thanks to every one of those guys that were in the ring for doing it.”

Eric Bischoff would also discuss the failure of WCW on his podcast. Noting the three things that he felt contributed to its eventual downfall.

Credit: 83 Weeks