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Eric Bischoff Discusses Trying To Bring Jim Ross To TNA In 2011

Jim Ross Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has revealed that he was heavily involved in the discussions about trying to bring long time WWE announcer Jim Ross to TNA in 2011.

Bischoff joined the company now known as IMPACT Wrestling in 2010 alongside Hulk Hogan. As well as his on-screen role in the company Eric Bischoff worked as an executive producer for the company.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson, Bischoff addressed the rumours that Jim Ross had been approached by TNA to lead their broadcast team. According to Bischoff, not only was that not a rumour, he had played a major role in it possibly happening.

Bischoff explained:

“It wasn’t a rumour with Jim Ross, I was part of the conversation and I think I was the one who gave Jim’s contact information to Dixie [Carter] – so it wasn’t a rumour; it was a real conversation and I was part of that conversation. I may have initiated the conversation to a certain degree, I was a catalyst for it at least, and fully supportive. So that wasn’t a rumour, that was true. It didn’t work out, he ultimately decided not to join TNA. I think Jim even made a trip to the ranch in Texas to meet Bob and Janice Carter, that’s how serious it got.”

By 2011, Ross’ WWE broadcast career had become more sporadic. He was no longer the ‘voice of Raw’ as Michael Cole had taken over that role in 2008. Early 2011 also saw Ross compete in the ring as he became embroiled in the lengthy feud between Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Eric Bischoff has also recently discussed his relationship with long-time on-screen adversary Paul Heyman. Bischoff has said that the two men are closer than many people realise.

Credit: 83 Weeks

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