Eric Bischoff Discusses The Hardest Part Of His WWE Role In 2019

Eric Bischoff SmackDown

Eric Bischoff has commented on the difficulties that plagued his time working as Executive Director of SmackDown for WWE in 2019.

Bischoff returned to WWE after several years of absence to take up the corporate role at the company ahead of the blue brand’s debut on Fox. The former WCW President was not long for the role and in October after SmackDown on Fox had first aired he was relieved of his duties and left WWE once again.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff detailed some of the difficulties and challenges he faced in the role:

“There was so much going on at that time. Remember, this was when Fox was getting ready to premiere, the Fox deal had been consummate months and months before I got there and everybody was preparing. When I got there in July, they had been preparing for months before I got there and that was another part of it, me catching up to that process. The biggest challenge for me was that we knew, everybody knew, we were going to split the roster.”

“At some point, at the draft, we were going to have to publicly reveal what the roster was going to be for each specific brand. That was hard because there was a lot of indecision back and forth every week. Every week there would be a meeting, every week we would have a discussion, and every week we would leave that meeting with a pretty good idea of where we were at, and then the following week it would all change again.”