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Eric Bischoff Discusses Mickie James’ Run In TNA

Mickie James

Eric Bischoff has given his thoughts on Mickie James and working with the former WWE Women’s Champion during their time together in TNA.

Bischoff was discussing TNA’s Sacrifice pay-per-view on his 83 Weeks podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson. On that show, Mickie James defended her TNA Knockouts Championship against Madison Rayne. Thompson asked Bischoff about James’ run in TNA and says she never quite got the momentum behind her that she had elsewhere in her career.

Bischoff responded:

“I’m not sure because Mickie certainly did and still does have the ability, we’ve seen it for however many years in WWE, on and off. She’s got a great look, she’s a talented person, she’s a nice person. I know Dixie [Carter] really dug her, Dixie tried to help her with her music career. So it wasn’t that Dixie wasn’t into her or supportive of her as a member of the roster. Dixie certainly was. How that never manifested into something more important or a higher profile on the show, I think has to do with the state of the women’s division in TNA, which ironically at the time was superior in my opinion to the women you’d see in WWE.”

“There was a point in time where the women in TNA were really physically involved and active and putting on great matches, where in WWE at the time, they were kind of eye candy and walking around on hands and knees with a dog collar on. I don’t know, I don’t think the roster was deep enough with talented women who could keep up with Mickie.”

Eric Bischoff added that her opponent on the night Madison Rayne did not have the same experience level as James and that overall, the Knockouts division in TNA was lacking experience.

Bischoff continued:

“Madison Rayne and I think the world of her by the way, this is not a criticism, it’s just an observation folks. There’s a difference between a criticism and an observation. Madison didn’t have a lot of experience; Mickie did. So what happens when you put someone with a lot of experience in the ring with someone that doesn’t have it? There becomes a pretty noticeable difference between the two and someone like Mickie probably has to dial her stuff down a little bit, has to adjust how she works in order not to outwork her, outperform the person she’s in the ring with, and accentuate the obvious which is one person has a lot of experience and the other one doesn’t. And I think there was probably a lot of that going on.

“Tara [aka Victoria] had a lot of experience, she could go. There were a few others who could really go, but there were a lot of them that couldn’t – yet; at this point in their careers. So I think that might have been it, just lack of depth of really talented and experienced people, as opposed to lack of commitment. I think their commitment was there, I just think there was a lack of depth when it came to the calibre of experience that Mickie had, and Tara had.”

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Credit: 83 Weeks

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