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Eric Bischoff Discusses How Vince McMahon Sees Daughter Stephanie

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While Vince McMahon and the McMahon family have been an ever present on television for over 20 years, little is known about the family’s dynamics once the cameras stop rolling.

With that being said, Eric Bischoff who worked closely with the McMahon’s for a number of years, recently pulled back the curtain on the relationship between Vince and daughter Stephanie.

During an episode of 83 Weeks diving into the legacy of Verne Gagne, Bischoff compared Gagne’s relationship with his son Greg to that between Vince McMahon and Stephanie.

“Probably, in much the same way that I think – those of us who have worked within any proximity to Vince – probably has thought at one point or another that Stephanie McMahon is the absolute apple of his eye – for lack of a cooler way of saying it. He- Vince, I think, holds Stephanie, as a father, on such a high pedestal but also because of what Stephanie’s done professionally. She’s very very successful, she’s learned so well, she’s so good at what she does. So between the way Vince looks at Stephanie as a daughter emotionally, as well as, what she’s done within WWE. Stephanie, I think, is such a special part of Vince’s life.”

Earlier in the year Jim Ross spoke about Vince McMahon’s legendary work ethic stating that he will “run the company until they bury him.” While Kurt Angle recently revealed Vince’s reaction to a fan throwing a baseball at Stephanie during a live event, where he instructed security to “find that SOB.”

Elsewhere in his look back at the legacy of legendary wrestling figure Verne Gagne, Bischoff outlined his belief that it is the former AWA boss who deserves credit for creating the Hulk Hogan character. The former Executive Director of SmackDown stated “Verne Gagne created the Hulk Hogan character, those aren’t my words, those are Hulk Hogan’s words.”

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