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Eric Bischoff Discusses AEW Having “A Little Too Much Of An Indie Feel”

Eric Bischoff makes his entrance.

AEW prides itself being different from WWE and offering something fans a different style of wrestling to WWE, but Eric Bischoff has suggested that now might be the time to find a balance between the two.

Speaking on the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff praised AEW for growing their audience but explained that they might need some bigger characters to move to the next level.

During the ‘Ask Eric Anything’ episode, available on Ad Free Shows, the former RAW General Manager was asked whether AEW tries too hard to cater to Indie fans rather than casual viewers. Bischoff said that while that was a fair comment, if it’s working, AEW should continue to do it.

“I think that’s a criticism that’s fair. That’s not even a criticism, that’s an observation. By the way, if doing so, if AEW knowingly, intentionally, by design, is writing and producing their shows to appeal to that 10% of the audience that makes 90% of the noise, and it’s working for them, go forth and f***ing prosper folks. Keep doing what you’re doing. If that’s your goal, and it’s working. If you’re growing your audience by doing what you’re doing, continue to grow your audience.”

However, Bischoff also admitted that in his opinion, the company does have too much of an Indie feel to it.

“I personally, feel that the show does cater to the smallest but loudest percentage of the audience. (By loudest I mean vocal on social media) And does have a little bit too much of an Indie feel to it. That’s not a criticism, It’s a distinction.”

Although, the former WCW President was quick to clarify that he is a supporter of Indie wrestling. Adding that AEW needs to find a balance between what they do now, and bigger characters.

“There’s nothing wrong with Indie wrestling. In fact, there’s a lot of it that I really, really enjoy because it’s the roots, it’s the foundation. Going back to 60’s style wrestling and 70’s style wrestling and territory era wrestling, where you’re out there performing in front of small but active and loyal crowds. There’s a lot of aspects of Indie wrestling I really enjoy, but I think there does in my humble opinion, yeah, AEW does need to balance different types of storytelling and characters that have a bigger feel, because right now, other than a small handful of people, kinda all feel the same. Some are way better than others, don’t get me wrong, some are spectacular…”

Bischoff continued by explaining that he believes a lot of the characters feel the same. Closing by saying that a balance will help the company appeal to a bigger and different audience.

Elsewhere in the episode, Eric Bischoff also named the two stars who he sees as the future of wrestling. Bischoff described the stars as “amazing, young talents” saying that both will only continue to get better.

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