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Eric Bischoff Discusses A Potential TNA Move To The UK

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has discussed the possibility of TNA becoming a UK-based promotion as the company achieved a great deal of popularity there.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson, Bischoff discussed the rumours of the company becoming a UK-based promotion. The company’s Maximum Impact tours in the UK were a hot ticket as more fans were able to watch TNA as it aired on the free-to-air Challenge TV. WWE at that time was shown on the subscription-only Sky Sports.

As far as the company moving lock, stock, and barrel from the US to the UK, Eric Bischoff believes that was a complete non-starter.

Bischoff explained:

“I don’t think so [that TNA should have become a UK-based promotion]. I wouldn’t have known and I wouldn’t have been able to venture a guess to what the economics of that would look like. Because if you’re going to be a UK promotion, does that mean your entire office or half of your office or certain representatives from your office actually move to an office in London or somewhere else in the UK to operate out of. What about all your talent, are you gonna use UK talent or are you gonna bring over US talent.”

“There’s a whole plethora of challenges when it comes to working in the UK on a regular basis if you’re not a UK citizen. Now let’s throw in the expense while we’re at it, and there’s a lot of things that I’d have to learn a lot more about to be able to have a judgment or an opinion about. Great idea on paper and certainly something to discuss but I’m guessing the execution would have been p*ss poor”.

The former WCW President joined TNA in 2010 before leaving under acrimonious circumstances four years later. Bischoff also discussed the rumours of current AEW announcer Jim Ross potentially joining TNA in 2011. According to Bischoff, it was him that put company owner Dixie Carter in touch with JR.

Credit: 83 Weeks

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