Eric Bischoff Congratulates Tony Khan But Questions Wisdom Of Launching AEW Collision

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has congratulated Tony Khan and everyone associated with AEW on the impending launch of Collision.

The new show will air weekly on Saturday nights on TNT and give AEW another two hours of programming. Speaking on his podcast 83 Weeks before the official announcement was made, Eric Bischoff said that the move was great for the entire industry.

However, he also urged caution to those involved. Bischoff questioned how well the show will work out in reality as another show could dilute the product. Furthermore, the WWE Hall of Famer wondered just how well the show will do ratings-wise in a Saturday night timeslot.

(On AEW Collision) “It is indeed [good for the industry],” Bishoff said. “Congratulations to Tony and the entire team at AEW. It’s a vote of confidence from a television partner, and there’s no way that is not a wonderful thing.

I don’t feel as positive about a third show just because history has proven that diluting your product and diluting your focus, and just diluting your resources for too much content is not strategically the best idea. Add to that, it’s a Saturday night show, and I don’t know how many 18- to 49-year olds are home watching television on a Saturday night. Maybe a bunch, but when I was in that demo, I wouldn’t have been one of them. I just can’t imagine that there’s much of an audience for it, but hey, I’ve been wrong before. Let’s see what happens.”

Eric Bischoff Claims AEW Is Piggy-Backing On WWE’s Success

During a discussion elsewhere, Bischoff stated that he believes AEW is currently benefiting from WWE’s success.

Bischoff reasoned that it’s WWE that has put wrestling on the map for a number of television executives due to its financial success, and this has opened the door for others to see AEW as an opportunity to do the same. He added that if WWE wasn’t successful, AEW wouldn’t have been able to land the monster TV deal it’s expected to announce in the company days.

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