Eric Bischoff Comments On CM Punk Returning To WWE

CM Punk & Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff believes that there is a chance that we see CM Punk back inside a WWE ring.

Wrestling fans are hopeful that they will get to hear “Cult of Personality” blast out through an arena once again, but will it be in WWE, AEW or a new start-up promotion created by Punk himself?

Speaking on Strictly Business, Bischoff has assessed the probability that Punk makes a return to his old home for the first time in 9 years. The Hall of Famer believes that Punk has the potential to make a lot of money but will have to right some wrongs first:

I think that there’s a chance that Punk could make it back to WWE. If, and I don’t know Phil Brooks so this is just me really plucking things out of thin air. But if Phil Brooks woke up tomorrow morning and said, You know what, I got some gas left in my tank, I can make millions of dollars. But clearly, I’ve got some baggage, I’ve got to get rid of first. You know whether he deserves it or not, he’s carrying a lot of baggage with him right now. That perception, unfortunately, can become reality.

Bischoff then went into detail regarding what he thinks his Punk’s greatest discretion, the All Out 2022 media scrum:

And if I’m CM Punk, and I wake up, and I have this conversation with myself, and I just look at the clock and a calendar, and I go wait a minute, and I’ve got maybe three years left, I can really, really make a lot of money and go out on a high note, end my career on a positive note, instead of this negative one.

If Phil Brooks is the type of man, that first of all recognises it, and realises that he’s at least 50% responsible for it, if not more, the way he’s handled himself and conducted himself going back to the media scrum that I keep referring to, because that to me is he really showed his ass as a professional right there. That is a guy that if I was ever considering doing business with him, I would not do business with them just because of what he did to Tony Khan. Unforgivable, in my opinion.

Bischoff concluded his thoughts by saying that if Punk can mend fences with higher-ups in WWE and accept that it is run a lot differently than AEW is then there is a chance:

However, if Phil can realise that he’s good, just much like you know, anybody that’s got a bad habit, eventually, if you’ve got a bad habit that’s holding you back from being more successful, then you gotta fix that bad habit. You know, Phil can do that. And sit down and have an honest, honest conversation with Paul Levesque, he’s a smart dude.

And I think if Paul Levesque were to believe, truly believe, Phil Brooks, then I think there’s a shot. And the situation, the environment would be a lot different WWE than it was in AEW. He’s not gonna be able to come in there, throw his weight around and try to intimidate people and be a prima donna because he just you’re not going to pull that kind of sh*t in WWE.

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