Eric Bischoff Comments On AEW’s Recent Success

Eric Bischoff AEW

AEW has exceeded the expectations of many with the volume of tickets they’ve already sold for their debut UK show, All In.

50,000 tickets were snapped up by fans in the pre-sale alone, and since the general sale opened on May 5th, the numbers have now gone well above 60,000.

This means that the company has smashed its previous attendance record, with the previous record of 18,300 set at Arthur Ashe Stadium now being a distant second.

Eric Bischoff wasn’t surprised about AEW’s All In success

One man who isn’t surprised by the company’s success is Eric Bischoff. Despite being a regular critic of AEW, Bischoff said on his 83 Weeks podcast that he had thought they would do “extremely well” ever since the show was announced.

“I wasn’t surprised at the success. It’s a big number and I didn’t go into this going on, ‘I think they’ll maybe sell 50,000 or 80,000’.

“I knew they were gonna do well, I said that as soon as it was announced that I thought they were gonna do extremely well.”

Bischoff has previously weighed in on the potential card for the event, saying he thinks Tony Khan should resist bringing in non-AEW wrestlers like Goldberg or Mercedes Mone, and even went as far as saying he wouldn’t bring CM Punk to the show.

“I would want my brand, my story, my talent to be the reason that this event is successful,” Bischoff said. “I wouldn’t want the perception, or in this case maybe the reality, of having to rely on somebody who’s not a part of my company to help sell this house.”

“I wouldn’t even want Punk on the card,” Bischoff added. “If I’m Tony Khan, I want to be successful, I want to have a huge event, I want it to be successful, I want it to be critically successful, I want fans to have loved it, and I want to have done it without someone like CM Punk.”

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