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Eric Bischoff Claims Stephanie McMahon Pressured Vince McMahon To Appear On SmackDown’s FOX Debut

Vince McMahon SmackDown

On the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff has given some insight into the mindset of Vince McMahon when it comes to appearing on his own television show.

Bischoff corroborates what has previously been reported by The Wrestling Observer about how McMahon is reluctant to appear on television these days.

It’s a mindset that actually dates back to 2007 and the infamous exploding limo storyline, which was designed to write the WWE Chairman off television for good until the real-life Chris Benoit double murder/suicide caused a swift rewrite and change of plans.

When discussing the topic of SmackDown’s debut episode on the FOX network last year, Bischoff reveals that McMahon was reluctant to appear on the show.

“It was my impression that Vince didn’t really want to do it. I can understand it. There comes a point when you are getting older that you realize the strength and the credibility that you bring to television isn’t what it used to be. It is what it is, we all get older. When you spend your life on television, you are aware of how you look and how you can present yourself. It was my impression that Vince didn’t really want to do it.”

Bischoff says that Vince McMahon was eventually persuaded to make a cameo appearance on the show by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who he says really did want him to do it.

“Guess who won? I saw it go down. I wasn’t standing inches from them, but I was a couple feet away. I saw the hesitation from Vince and I saw the pressure put on by Stephanie. First of all, it made my heart fall seeing that father-daughter relationship and that exchange. It was really important to Stephanie.”

Easy E added that he feels it was the right decision for Vince to go out there because it was “exciting as hell” and “the right thing to do”, claiming it brought tears to his eyes.

Although McMahon has since appeared on television on a handful of occasions this year due to the extenuating circumstances of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, Bischoff feels that in general McMahon’s days as a television character are numbered, pointing out an “awareness” on his part that his time as a television character was in his rear view mirror.

Thanks to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription