Eric Bischoff Claims “It’s A Joke” That Tony Khan Was Named Booker Of The Year

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff spent much of 2022 taking potshots at each other on social media, in interviews, and on various podcasts.

Bischoff has been open about the faults he sees in AEW and Tony Khan’s management, while the AEW President has forcefully defended himself and his promotion. Throw in Dave Meltzer who has been a regular target of Bischoff’s for months, if not years, and unsurprisingly the WWE Hall of Famer held nothing back.

Tony Khan was recently named ‘Booker of the Year’ in the 2022 Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, and it’s fair to say that Eric Bischoff doesn’t agree with the results of the poll. After suggesting that the Observer’s readership is a gathering of people who only serve to further the biases of Dave Meltzer, Bischoff said on his 83 Weeks podcast that calling Khan ‘Booker of the Year’ was a “joke.”

“To suggest that Tony Khan was Booker of the Year, Promoter of the Year when his company damn near imploded last year as a result of the piss poor decisions, immature decisions, and nonsensical decisions that Tony Khan has made last year, is a joke,”

Bischoff then threw in another jab at Meltzer for good measure, calling him a liar and a fraud.

“I gotta tell you, he’s a liar, he’s a fraud, he’s a weak-minded person, and he’s been doing it for years. Some people are just seeing it now because things have changed now. We have this thing called podcasts.”

Dave Meltzer Admits He Wouldn’t Have Picked Tony Khan As ‘Booker of the Year’

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in response to Khan being given the award, Dave Meltzer explained that he actually disagreed with his readership. The veteran journalist put forward the case that Triple H would have been a better choice given the strength of the booking of Roman Reigns and WWE’s main event scene in particular.

H/t to Wrestling Inc