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Eric Bischoff Candidly Discusses WWE Departure

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has opened up about why he left WWE, candidly saying he had “run his course” as General Manager.

Speaking with Michael Torres of Lucha Libre Online, the former WCW President revealed why WWE didn’t offer him a new contract after his first run with the company.

“It was time. My character as the General Manager had run its course. There was no real new stories to tell, no new ways of telling the same stories over again. It just got to the point where it was time. I recognized it and so did WWF. When they called me and said: ‘Hey, we think we’re going to let your contract expire and not renew you’. They explained why and I agreed with them a hundred percent. So I left on very good terms with WWE”.

Bischoff initially joined WWE in 2002 shortly after the company acquired WCW. The former WCW President would remain with WWE for five years before his departure. Bischoff also returned to the company in a backstage role in 2019.

Eric Bischoff also recently sat down with Inside The Ropes, giving his thoughts on Sting’s impending in-ring return as well as why there is fan resentment towards Goldberg.