Eric Bischoff Calls Out AEW For Being “Flat” Across Recent Months

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has never been afraid to be critical of All Elite Wrestling when he feels that their product hasn’t been up to par. In recent weeks this has seen the former WCW President criticise the company for the amount of seemingly random matches on their television shows.

AEW boss Tony Khan didn’t take kindly to these comments, branding Bischoff as “contradictory and hypocritical.” Bischoff and Khan have been involved in something of a public war of words for a number of months with Khan taking issue with much of Bischoff’s criticisms of his product.

Eric Bischoff Claims AEW Is “Flat”

Speaking on a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff expanded on his criticism of AEW’s current programming. The former WCW boss said that while not every match needs a long-term story, that should be the case for the bouts at the top of the card. Bischoff added that AEW has been flat for a number of months, something backed up by the viewing figures for it’s television shows.

“I never said, ever, because I don’t believe it … that every match should have a story. But your main event, your top three or four matches and your main event, better have [a story],” Bischoff said. “And that is my comment — that those stories are not compelling, and I think ratings back me up. AEW is flat. … All you have to do is take a look at AEW’s record for the last, whatever, six months, eight months. It’s flat.”

Bischoff had earlier attempted to clarify his recent comments about AEW’s abundance of ‘cold’ matches. The former Raw General Manager noted that his issue is more with the lack of story around new talents in particular. Bischoff stated that these non-storyline matches should be used to build up new talents and provide a backstory.

H/t to Wrestling Inc