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Eric Bischoff Calls Kane “One Of The Most Intelligent People” He’s Met

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Eric Bischoff has discussed getting to know Kane during his time in WWE calling his fellow WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2021 inductee a gas to work with.

During an episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff was asked by co-host Conrad Thompson if he had any memories of working with Kane, more commonly known now as Glenn Jacobs.

Bischoff then recounted getting to know Jacobs and finding out the two had more in common than he might have first thought.

Eric Bischoff explained:

“We were both in a town somewhere in Ohio, I think. And we’re promoting something, obviously a WWE event. We started talking history, and politics, and books. And I realised that Glenn Jacobs was probably one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever engaged in a conversation with. He is a very, very well-read, very knowledgeable individual.”

“People don’t realise, you know, in my situations, in particular, when I was in WWE, I’d show up, I’d fly into town on Sunday night, I go to the building at 11 o’clock Monday morning, I would do what I was doing throughout the day, and everybody was busy. Everybody had different things to do, different things to focus on, different things to memorise, different things to work through. In the case of matches, you’re working, putting matches together all day long. You’re putting your match together, you’re doing interviews, and in the case of WWE, you’re probably doing a lot of additional promos, and you’re meeting sponsors, and whatever it is you’re doing.”

“So when a talent gets to WWE, at 11 o’clock in the morning, it’s not like everybody’s sitting around playing cards waiting for the show to start, everybody is really, really busy. Now, there’s some dead time during the course of the day. But that’s usually individual. So in other words, if you and I were both working in WWE, he was a talent, maybe me as an announcer or something, we’d have our own sh*t to do, right. And whenever you would have some free time, I’d probably be busy and vice versa.”

Bischoff continued, noting that travelling between shows or on tours is where WWE talent can really get to know one another:

“My point to all this is, you very rarely get a chance during the course of a working day, or in my case, I never really got a chance during the course of a working day in WWE to sit down and get to know anybody. The only time you got to know someone is if you were sitting next to them on an aeroplane, perhaps or if you’re on a bus as you’re travelling with them, as you’re travelling through Europe, you have a chance to really get to know somebody.”

“I never really got to know Kane, Glenn Jacobs. But once I was hanging out with him once we were working on this promo together, and we were, you know, in the same car, we ended up waiting together and we started talking, we realised that we both had a lot of mutual interest in history, in particular, and in politics. Like I said, I realised that he is such an intelligent guy. And after that, you know, he gave me a book, I still have it. I haven’t read it in 15 years, [it’s been] 20 years since he gave it to me. But I realised then that he was a much more complicated, not complicated, complex and interesting individual than anybody would ever give him credit for.”

The former Raw General Manager even competed in a match with Kane in August 2003. Eric Bischoff recalled what it was like to work with The Big Red Machine:

“And working with him was just a gas. He was so easy to work with. First of all, he’s so freakin’ strong. And you know, when I work with Glenn, he probably weighed, well, I probably weighed 210, 205 [pounds]. So for a guy as strong as Glenn Jacobs or Kane. Working with me would be like me working with a five or six-year-old kid, they could just pick you up do whatever it is they want to do with you take perfectly good care of you and make it look awesome in the process. So working with him was a dream. It was just so much fun. And he was so intense. And he’s such a nice guy that just getting to know him, you know was a pleasure for me.”

Eric Bischoff will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame on April 6th. In the Class of 2021, Bischoff will be joined by Molly Holly, Rob Van Dam, The Great Khali and Kane.

The WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony will air on Tuesday 6th of April on Peacock in the US. Elsewhere globally it will air on the WWE Network.

Credit: 83 Weeks

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