Eric Bischoff On His Backup Plan For The nWo’s ‘Third Man’

Eric Bischoff NWO

Eric Bischoff has revealed who would have been the third man in the New World Order, had Hulk Hogan decided against turning heel.

At WCW Bash at the Beach 1996, Hulk Hogan was revealed to be the mystery partner of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in what was perhaps one of the greatest wrestling moments of all time. The night saw the birth of the legendary nWo faction, which led to the Turner-owned promotion beating WWF Raw in head-to-head viewership for 83 consecutive weeks.

Speaking on his “83 Weeks” Podcast, the once Senior Vice President of WCW revealed that in case the original plan fell through, Sting would have been in Hogan’s spot. Bischoff said:

“I think it still would have been if it would have been Sting. I think people would look back and go wow, that was really cool, that was a great story, that was a great angle. Because the way Scott and Kevin came in and the mystery and you know, there hadn’t been a mystery really in wrestling in a long time by that point. So I think that fact that you know, people were asking the question, who’s the third man, you know, that in itself made it a good angle or a good storyline, I think better way to say it.”

However, Bischoff admitted that while Sting was a huge star and a fine performer in his own right, he simply wouldn’t have had the same impact in the role as Hogan.

“It certainly wouldn’t have had the impact. Nothing against Sting, Sting is a phenomenal performer nothing but respect for him but Hogan turning heel nothing, no one could have made a bigger impact in that moment than Hulk Hogan. And that’s why we’re still talking about it.”

Had Sting been revealed as the third man, one can only imagine how different the landscape of pro-wrestling would have been today.

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