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Elias To Undergo Character Change After Seeing Visions

Elias Thumb

WWE have teased that their music mogul, Elias, could be undergoing a character change on Monday Night Raw.

The backstory for the alteration stems from the Symphony of Destruction Match on the November 30 Raw when Elias missed a guitar shot to Jeff Hardy and instead hit electrical equipment. The error lead to the musician being electrocuted.

The suggestion of an alteration came following a video posted to the star’s social media platforms in which he blasted fans for saying that he deserved what he got. Elias then revealed that a change was afoot as doctors have told him that he may never play the guitar again and that he’s had visions:

“Hello I am Elias and I would like to take this time to talk about the horrific electrocution this past week on Monday Night Raw. Many of you loyal fans and Universal Truthsters out there that have sent me nothing but love, and I appreciate every one of you.

And for those of you who said, ‘Elias deserves it,’ I just have to say, ‘Screw You.’ The doctors told me that kind of voltage could have killed an average man. But I’m no average man, and that’s why they call me The Extraordinary Elias.

The doctors also told me that I may no longer be able to play the guitar again. Despite all those odds and thanks to modern medicine, I have gained full function in my hands. And when I was electrocuted, something in Elias did change. And on top of that, I have seen visions and I know the purpose of my life. And now that I have that knowledge, I will be sharing my gift with all of you.”

The exhortation that the artist has seen visions and now knows the purpose of his life points to the character taking on a more clairvoyant stance who will preach about how fans can better their lives.

WWE is expected to trial this new character on the December 7 edition of Monday Night Raw and should it receive positive reviews, then expect it to be around for some considerable time to come.