Elias Returns To WWE Raw, Provides Injury Update On Ezekiel

Elias plays a song to WWE.

While Elias did make a Raw appearance earlier this year when he reunited with his brother back in June, he hasn’t been featured as a regular performer in well over a year, disappearing from television after Jaxson Ryker defeated him in a Symphony of Destruction match in July of 2021. A vignette the following August declared that Elias was “dead,” and when Ezekiel appeared on the scene back in April, many wondered if The Drifter was indeed gone for good.

However, speculation about a potential return to walking with Elias began when Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that Ezekiel was no longer listed on WWE’s internal roster and had been replaced by Elias. The report came after Ezekiel was stretchered out of Monday Night Raw back in August following a vicious attack from Kevin Owens, with whom he’d been feuding since he debuted in the company the night after WrestleMania 38. The next week, Ezekiel was shown in the hospital surrounded by members of his family.

Last week, it was announced on the season premiere of WWE Raw that Elias would be making his return to the red brand on October 17th.

Elias Revealed During His WWE Raw Return That Ezekiel’s In-Ring Career Is Over

On the latest edition of WWE Raw, Elias made his entrance to an ovation from the Oklahoma City crowd. He got on the microphone and revealed the sad news that his brother Ezekiel’s in-ring career had been cut short thanks to the dastardly attack from Kevin Owens, but he was glad to be back and had a special song for those in attendance.

However, the returning Drifter was interrupted by Matt Riddle, who was carrying a set of bongo drums and asked to play along, leading the crowd in a chant of “Walk with Elias.”

The Drifter promised that someday the two of them would play together, but just as he was about to serenade the OKC crowd with a song with piano accompaniment, they were interrupted by Seth Rollins, who faced Riddle in the main event for his newly-won United States Championship. Full results from the October 17th episode can be found here.