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Eli Drake Debuts At NXT Takeover, Now Called LA Knight

Eli Drake NXT

Former IMPACT World Champion Eli Drake made his NXT debut as “LA Knight” during a pre-show segment at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day.

Wade Barrett was interrupted by a smartly dressed Knight, who pushed Sam Roberts to one side to cut a promo – sending warning to all the NXT Men’s Title holders that LA Knight has arrived.

It’s about that time, we injected a little bit of the star power! Let me talk to ya!

I’ma put it to you like this, don’t worry about what I’m doing here – you go ahead and take a walk, nobody here trying to hear your prepubescent voice [to Sam Roberts].

Put it this way Wade [Barratt], I ain’t here trying to suck up to ya. Because if you as so much look at me the wrong way I’ll drag your ass out of retirement just to walk you right back in it.

Cos I got the scoop! Standing here right now, you’re seeing it, it’s NXT, It’s LA, It’s LA Knight.

And what that means, they talk about NXT being the premier, the greatest talent running around the world, right here in NXT right?

And what that means, it’s a stacked deck! But while you guys are back there playing cards, I just walked in rolling dice. Just like that! Changed the game.

So what that means, is every single one of you back there, you talk about the North American title, you talk about the NXT title, anybody walking around with those titles right now, make sure you got your eyes open because I’m comin’ for you.

And just the same way as you see these, bewildered cross-eyed halfwits bemused faces behind me right now, they’re gonna be looking at each other like “whose game is it?”.

It’s LA Knight’s game!

Best known for his 5+ year tenure with IMPACT Wrestling as Eli Drake, Knight isn’t making his first appearance on WWE TV, in 2013-14 he made brief appearances which never amounted to a more prominent role.

We await to see whether LA Knight will make an impact at Takeover Vengeance Day, or hold off until all the Titles have been defended to plan his path to an opponent going into WrestleMania season.

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