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Wrestling Legend Fights Stranger Things’ Demogorgon In New Commercial

El Hijo del Santo fights Stranger Things Demogorgon

Watch the the hottest fight in history between lucha libre legend El Santo and the Stranger Things Demogorgon!

In a match that no one saw coming, a new ad for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Doritos features a bout between legendary wrestler El Santo and the Demogorgon, a mythical creature featured in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

The ad opens on two announcers, excited about the fact that after 35 years, a top secret match has finally been revealed and will be watched by millions of Mexicans. They call it “the most Flamin’ Hot match in all of history.”

Emanating from the Hawkins Coliseum – a nod to Hawkins, IN being the setting for Stranger Things – the bout is advertised to take place between El Santo and P. Redford. However, before the match can begin, the lights begin to flicker and a fiery hole opens up in one corner of the ring. When P. Redford goes to investigate, he’s swallowed up into the abyss before the Demogorgon emerges to take on El Santo himself.

It’s a hellacious battle that sees one cameraman fall sacrifice to the beast from the Upside Down, and El Santo looks to be outmatched as he suffers damage from a Demogorgon scratch as well as being thrown through the now-empty announce table. However, just when it looked like the Demogorgon would devour El Santo, the mariachi band that had been hiding behind the seats in the arena rallied, providing a soundtrack that weakened the monster.

As the Demogorgon tried to shield its ears from the melody, El Santo succeeded in throwing it back into the hole from whence it came, banishing it once more to the Upside Down. However, in a twist ending, the luchador also jumped into the hole, leaving room for the plot to continue.

El Santo is without a doubt the most legendary legend in the history of lucha libre, not only conquering the world of professional wrestling during a career that spanned from 1934 to 1982, but also starring in over 50 movies and being featured in his own series of comic books. In fact, Eddie Guerrero once called him “bigger than Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin combined.” He was named as a Legacy Inductee member of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

In the commercial El Santo is portrayed by his son, El Hijo del Santo, who adopted his father’s silver mask and took on his name in October of 1982. He teamed with WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero early in his career, but his most memorable rival and tag team partner was Negro Casas. One of ten children, he was the only one to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a professional wrestler, and last competed in 2016.