Eight-Year-Old Brodie Lee Jr’s AEW ‘Contract’ Details Revealed

Brodie Lee Jr

After the news emerged following the tragic passing of Brodie Lee that AEW had signed the former TNT Champion’s eight-year-old son to a contract, further details have now emerged of what that contract entails.

Speaking on What Happened When, Tony Schiavone revealed how Brodie Lee’s son is signed to a contract, and will officially be a part of AEW when he’s older, if he so chooses.

“They signed him to a contract. They legitimately signed him to a contract and when he gets of age, he will be with AEW.”

The wife of the late Brodie Lee has now given details of what that contract entails.

“Also, just for clarity’s sake.
1) His contract with AEW is valid on his 18th birthday *if* he chooses to wrestle. Nobody is going to push it with him. If you were to spend 10 minutes talking to him you’d understand why they gave him a contract though.
2) School is number one for him.
3) He is not seriously training at the moment or will be taking bookings or anything ridiculous right now.

I know I shouldn’t have to clarify but with social media I end up seeing stories how he’s being forced into this or questions about his “contract” or all sorts of craziness.

Sharing a video of Brodie Lee Jr sparring in the ring with WWE Superstar Liv Morgan and former WWE Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd among others, Amanda Huber would elaborate that, while he does have a “contract” with AEW, it’s an option for Brodie Lee and he isn’t being pushed into anything – signifying that social media stories have forced her to clarify the situation.

The eight-year-old has taken the wrestling world by storm – both with his love and passion for the business, but also with the tremendous strength shown following the tragic passing of his father. Last week, video footage emerged of the youngster pinning former NXT Champion Adam Cole.