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Effy On Shotzi Blackheart In WWE NXT – “The Sky’s The Limit”

Effy Shotzi Blackheart

Speaking to Inside the Ropes, ‘The Weapon of Sass Destruction’ Effy discussed his experiences with, WWE NXT Superstar, Shotzi Blackheart, recalling her “big star feel” and revealing he believes the sky’s the limit when it comes to Blackheart’s potential in the WWE.

During an interview with Inside the Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart, GCW sensation, Effy discussed his handful of matches with the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion during their time together on the independent wrestling scene.

Discussing his experience working with Shotzi Blackheart, Effy would comment:

So I think with Shotzi like when you meet Shotzi and when you’re experiencing her for the first time you’re expecting kind of like a big star feel and I think you get all of that. But it’s not in a way that is scary or sends you away there’s not a standoffishness to Shotzi.

Effy would continue, praising ‘The Ballsy Badass’ for her versatility as a performer and her ability to transcend being an in-ring performer:

She’s sort of like exists everything you expect her to be and she has this magic where, as you said, she can host she can do commentary, she can do the matches, she can do the backstage vignettes and it all makes sense and it all feels like Shotzi. And like that, was there on the Indies. I don’t think anybody was like, Oh, yeah, Shotzi you will be on the Indies forever.

‘The Micro-Economy’ would recall Blackheart’s final night as an independent wrestler and shared a comedic moment between the two following the appearance of naked stunt performers following a GCW show.

I was there for the last night of Shotzi on the Indies, which was at a GCW show. And there was a stunt show spectacular after, that featured partially naked people doing stunts and I looked at her and I said, “so you’re going to miss the Indies aren’t you Shotzi” and she goes “not quite, not quite”.

Effy would conclude the discussion of Blackheart by revealing how far he believes the 29-year-old can go whilst in the WWE, revealing that he believes WWE can make money with Shotzi for several decades if they wanted to:

But I think the sky’s the limit over there with them and you know, when I look at what they’ve been able to do with characters, even beyond their sort of ring life, like we’re not anywhere near that, but I think they’ve got Shotzi for 20 or 30 years if they really want to make money.

Shotzi Blackheart continues to be a figurehead of NXT on USA and is set to compete in a number one contenders match for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships on the June 29th edition of the Black-and-Gold Brand.

During Effy’s chat with Inside the Ropes, ‘The Feminist Icon’ would discuss a range of topics including the trials and tribulations of independent wrestling, fleeing the police with Ricky Morton and the growth of LGBTQ+ representation in professional wrestling.

Big thank you to Effy for taking the time out to speak to us, you can find Effy via his Social Media or via his website!

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